While working in India with, one of the partners in the Global Leadership Program, Anil Sachdev (who is also the founder of the School of Inspired Leadership [SOIL]), taught a major portion of the week. He makes the distinction between leadership of the intellect (head); the emotions (heart); and the senses (body).

For leadership of the intellect, Anil presented a four-step process for leading ourselves and others, called the “Four D’s:”

  1. Discern (or Discover) your passion; when you were at your best; what has heart and meaning for you; your purpose;
  2. Dream of a future outcome to create, consistent with your purpose and passion;
  3. Design the pathway/process for manifesting the outcome; and
  4. Deliver through the process of creating – a baby step at a time.

This process is inherent in adopting a Creator Orientation and co-creating with others through TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic).