This past weekend was one of relaxation and recovery from the marathon month of September (two weeks in India; one week co-facilitating an intense train-the-trainer; and last week’s coaching at Notre Dame).

One of the ways of relaxing for me is watching American football – both college and professional.  In college, I am partial to the “Bucks and Ducks” (Ohio State Buckeyes and University of Oregon Ducks).  While not as avid a fan in the pros, I certainly follow the local Seattle Seahawks.

A couple weeks ago, our good friend and Creator of Inspired Athletes, Carol Winkler, wrote a wonderful blog about Seattle’s new head coach, Pete Carroll (unfortunately, they lost – but Pete knows how to face a Challenger).

Whether a sports fan or not, Pate’s philosophy – along with Carol’s commentary – and focus (he is quoted as saying “My focus goes to how things could look and turn good.”) is an inspiring reminder for how we lead our own lives and how we lead in our work and families.

Below is most of Carol’s blog.  I invite you to read the whole entry at:


As newly hired head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, Pete Carroll faces a daunting challenge – transforming a team that has won only six of its last eighteen games into a playoff caliber winner.

Despite the difficulty of his task, Pete remains positive and upbeat. Anyone who knows him will tell you that his relentless optimism is authentic and classic Pete Carroll. It’s not just what he says, it’s how he lives.

Today’s Real Zeal words were spoken by Pete in an interview prior to the start of the season: “I live my life thinking something good is just about to happen to me. I don’t think things are going to go bad. My focus goes to how things could look and turn good.”

How many of us operate with such confidence? Who of us lives life with eternal optimism for our future? Many of us are just the opposite – we sit around waiting for the “other shoe to drop” and actually expect Murphy’s Law to prevail. We even get uncomfortable when things are going “too” well.

I firmly believe that our words and our beliefs create life. They don’t describe life. They don’t reflect a reality ‘out there.’ They literally create the world we live in. So it might behoove us all to take this particular page out of Pete Carroll’s book and create it as our own … always believing that something good is about to happen to us!


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