Creating the space for “Authentic Dialogue” was the topic of Jennifer Waldron, PhD’s recent blog.

She called my attention to it in response to last week’s “TED* Letter” monthly newsletter on listening. (Jennifer is a speech and voice coach who recently interviewed me for a series of new videos that are now available on the TED* website.)

She wisely observes that deep listening requires a spaciousness within which we meet the other:

“First, we must leave our own personal agendas. In order to learn another’s truth, we must let go of our stranglehold on talking and quiet our minds enough so that we really hear. Connect. Only then, we can generate a space beyond you and me where “Us” (with a capital U) is foremost and lovingly held.  

 Think about what happens to your energy during a conversation. For me, when I’m being “talked at,” I become tired and listless; I go away mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.  But in authentic dialogue, my energy rises; I am alert and interested as we walk the talk together.”

Effective Creator-to-Creator communication calls us to engage in deep listening and to enter into authentic dialogue with others.


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