This is a reposting of an entry from April of 2010, which was in response to the April, 2010 “TED* Letter,” entitled “Listening: A Critical Creator Discipline.”  Shortly after that issue of the monthly electronic newsletter, I received an email from my good friend Ceci Miller.  Ceci was the original editor and project coordinator for The Power of TED*.

In the “TED* Letter” e-zine a distinction is made between three ways of listening: listening for assessment; listening for action; and listening for possibility.  When we think of listening, we normally do so in the context of listening to another person.  However, Ceci offered the following interesting and useful perspective:

“The 3 kinds of listening are so lucidly described here. What we don’t always realize, I find, is that all of them can also be applied to the way we listen to Ourselves – to the innate wisdom within us that is always there to be received.

Listening to myself, to my inner wisdom, in this way, has transformed the way I listen to others. Applying this basic empathy and respect for myself creates an open space in which I am able to deeply consider what someone else is saying.”

This is a reminder that the whole Dreaded Drama Triangle (DDT) can take place entirely in our own relationship with ourselves. (I certainly know that I can be my own biggest Persecutor at times!)  We can begin to make the shift to The Empowerment Dynamic (TED) by the way we listen to ourselves.

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