There was not a blog post on Monday of this week. My wife and I took a long weekend to travel to Madison, Wisconsin to watch her daughter compete with her teammates (the University of Oregon “Fugue”) in the National Collegiate Ultimate Frisbee Championship.  It was an exciting weekend – especially as the women won the national championship on Monday!

In addition to the competition, one of the highlights of the weekend was the dinner we had with my wife’s oldest daughter, boyfriend and three of their friends (all right around 30 years of age).  In addition to the frivolity and good humor, there was plenty of talk about what everyone was up to in their lives.  It suddenly occurred to me that, in their own way, each and every one of the people at the table were “living on purpose.”

Here’s the rundown on what each is focused on in their lives:

  • Earning a dual masters degree in nutrition and hea3th psychology, while being a nanny (with a deep love of child development), gardening for food production; teaching cooking classes; and running a group recovering from eating addictions and disorders;
  • Practicing the craft of writing – and having just had a short story accepted in a top-tier university publication (a “big break” for such writers) – on an almost daily basis, while also working part-time as a naturalist and communication professional for a local urban park;
  • Practicing the art of comedy and writing – and, the night before our dinner, experiencing “opening night” as a member of the traveling troupe of the famed Second City comedy theatre;
  • Earning a Master’s Degree in education, while working as a teaching assistant; and
  • Teaching writing at a University (and writing short stories and a novel) and having just been awarded a 2-year fellowship at a major university to teach writing.

What a collection of inspiring young adults who sat around the dinner (OK, pub) table!  None voiced the pursuit of fame and fortune (though the fantasy and dream my very well be there), but of pursuing their passion – of living on purpose.  Each is living the life of a Creator, seeking to express their gifts and passion in the world.

And what an inspiring weekend – the passion of pursuing excellence in athletics and expressions of living on purpose.


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