A friend of ours emailed my wife this joke the other day:

Why did it take the Buddha a month to vacuum out his apartment?

Because he didn’t have any attachments.

It brought a chuckle and a reminder of an important distinction I learned years ago from another friend.  This friend is a practicing Buddhist.  Regardless of your spiritual path or disciplines, the insight is an important one for those of us seeking to live as a Creator.

The distinctions are between Attachment; Detachment and Non-Attachment.

Attachment – Even as a Creator, we can too easily become attached to a particular way an outcome we are seeking to manifest will look; or the timeframe in which creating it will take place; or the way we want something to be.  Attachment actually narrows our possibilities and can limit the flow of creative energy as we seek to “make it happen our way.”

Detachment – When we are detached, we give off an air of “I don’t care” and put no energy forward – or even withdraw it.  The literal definition is telling here: “lack of interest in or involvement with other people or with worldly concerns” and “disinterestedness.”  There is no connection.  As a result, we can sometimes be perceived as a Persecutor and feed the Dreaded Drama Triangle (DDT).

Non-Attachment – This is the antidote to Attachment.  There is a “middle way” in which we can care – and perhaps even deeply – while not being attached to a particular way an outcome should look or manifest or how something should be.  As pointed out in The Power of TED*, every baby step we take in a Creator Orientation “gets us closer to – or clearer about – the outcome.”  When we take this approach, we stay open to possibilities and unanticipated ways in which what we are creating make take form.

For example, when I first began the outline in preparation for writing TED*, I assumed that the book would be straight non-fiction.  At the time I never dreamed it would take the form of a fable.  However, as I worked with my editor and explored how best to explain The Empowerment Dynamic (TED), the fable format came into view.  Had I been attached to a particular form, it would have resulted in a much different – and, I believe, weaker – outcome.

As a Creator, practice the discipline of Non-Attachment.  You may be amazed at what emerges!


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