I am sometimes amazed at people’s reactions when they realize the measure of perfection I have attained by applying TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) ™ in my life.  No longer do I react to problems from a Victim Orientation and engage in Karpman’s Drama Triangle – that toxic Dreaded Drama Triangle ™ of a Victim reacting to a Persecutor and the Rescuer’s reacting to both.

Instead, I have mastered living from a Creator Orientation in which I only focus on what I want to create in life and how I choose to consciously respond to life’s challenges.  All my relationships are characterized by the interplay of Co-Creators supporting one another as Challengers and Coaches.

Now, for anyone reading and believing the above two paragraphs, all I can say is … “April Fools!”

Such “perfection” may be a worthy aspiration of how to live life more resourcefully, powerfully and consciously.  At the same time, the Dynamic Tension between that vision and the day-to-day current realities of the human experience define the field of work and play for anyone who has adopted a Creator Orientation.

To paraphrase the Wright Brothers, who passionately pursued the “impossible” dream of creating heavier-than-air manned flight, “I don’t know if living sustainably from a Creator Orientation and relating consistently through the roles of TED* are possible, but I am committed to living my life dedicated to its possibility.”

(I grew up in Dayton, OH, so the Wright Brothers have been long-time Creators in my mind.)

This way of living, thinking, interacting and taking action is a lifelong process.  To read more about the process, see last year’s blog entitled “Catch and Choose.”