Donna and I went into our vacation/holiday with the intention of lots of rest, relaxation, reading – and to engage in a few adventures and things we had never done together.  We white water rafted, biked, danced, dined, and hiked.

The small airport nearby had a “fly in” where a number of private pilots flew their planes in for a car and airplane show.  One pilot had an old bi-plane in which he offered 20 minute rides.  Flying in an open cockpit, bi-plane has been a dream of mine since I was a little boy.  Donna urged me to give it a try.  My response was that I wanted her to go along for the shared experience.  With some trepidation, she agreed.

As we taxied down the runway and took off, she took one look outside and virtually never looked out again.  While I was experiencing pure pleasure, she was in sheer terror.

While Donna was a good sport about it (after she regained her composure), as we processed the “shared experience,” our lesson learned is that one person’s pleasure may not be another’s “cup of tea.”

In living life as a Creator, it is important to take this reality into account.  That which you might feel passionate about creating may be something that another is not particularly interested in co-creating.  Had I been more sensitive, I might have suggested she look at the cars while I fulfilled my childhood fantasy.

While we may invite others to join us in creating, we also need to honor the diversity of perspectives and realize not everyone will want to fly with us all the time.


To the Creator in you!