People often ask about tips to putting The Power of TED* into practice on a daily basis.  In response, I developed the 7 Daily Practices. These seven relatively simple – though not always easy – daily disciplines will increase your capacity to live as a Creator and cultivate TED* roles and relationships.

5.      Check Your Intention 

This is at the heart of becoming a conscious, constructive, and effective Challenger.  Ask yourself:  Is my intention to look good or to further learning and development?  This requires an honest assessment and “internal integrity.”  If you check within and determine that the challenge you feel compelled to communicate is in order for you to look good/be right/pass judgment/ further your own agenda or in any way put the other down, the chances are great – if not guaranteed – that a challenge from this intention will place you in the eyes of the other as a Persecutor.  If that is the case, then “back down!”

However, if you can “look yourself in the mirror” and are clear that your intention is to further learning; to increase the Creator capacity and capability of the other; and to do so with respect and care – then that is the way of the Challenger.


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