People often ask about tips to putting The Power of TED* into practice on a daily basis.  In response, I developed the 7 Daily Practices. These seven relatively simple – though not always easy – daily disciplines will increase your capacity to live as a Creator and cultivate TED* roles and relationships.

1.      Practice morning quiet time and intention setting

Commit to 20-30 minutes of quiet time, reflection and intention setting each morning. Perhaps start with an inspirational reading (sacred scripture), a few minutes of prayer, meditation, or just paying attention to your breathing. Express gratitude for the relationship you are establishing with your life and for whatever aspects of your life call for gratitude.

Invite guidance and conscious awareness as a Creator. Affirm your commitment to a Creator Orientation and the TED*- based roles and relationships as a Creator, Challenger, and Coach. Review your intentions and choices of what you feel called to create in your life.

Choose and commit to THREE baby steps for the day. This might be as simple as making a particular phone call or gathering information that will further the process of creating an outcome, or maybe just writing in your journal.  It could also be a conversation you need to have with some at work or home in which being in the role of Challenger or Coach might be called for.

 For optimal results, it is recommended that you do this at home before starting your day.  However, there are some who commute to work in such a way (by train, ferry, subway, etc.), who have found it possible to do this on the way to work.

By committing to this practice on a daily basis (or at least 5 days each week), you will begin each day by rooting yourself in a Creator Orientation.  In addition, I have found that the focus reduces stress and creates foward momentum on what matters most in my life.


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