Today we are launching our charter TED* Practitioners Program, which will result in over two dozen recognized TED* Practitioners from all over the U.S. and Canada deepening their understanding and commitment to the spread of TED*.  (Who they are and where they serve will be up on the website by November 1.) We are excited!

In preparing for the program, the nature of “practicing” kept coming to mind.  What does it mean to practice?  There are actually a number of definitions and synonyms.  The most relevant definition is to “repeat something to get better.”

The synonyms that strike home are to “live out;” “apply;” and “exercise.”

The reality is that we are always “practicing” – whether we are doing so consciously or unconsciously.  The question to contemplate is: “what am I practicing?”

Do you go through your day focused on what you don’t want or don’t like; reacting to problems; and blaming the people and conditions around you?  If so, then you are practicing the Victim Orientation.

Or do you go about your life primarily focused on the outcomes you want to create; choosing how to spend your time and how you respond to the people and conditions that make up your day?  This is the practice of living from a Creator Orientation.

TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) takes conscious practice in order to live out, apply and exercise our capacity as Creator, Challenger and Coach in interacting with others (for more, see the series of earlier “TED* Thoughts” on “Seven Daily Practices…”).

In that way, we are all TED* Practitioners!