When meeting with my editor on Monday, he verbally shared with me a framework that he has adopted from Graham Wallas’ creative problem solving process.

  1. Preparation – in which we define the problem, need, or desired solution.  In The Power of TED* frame, after defining the problem we go through the process of reframing the problem into an envisioned outcome.
  2. Percolation – which is where we contemplate, perhaps experiment and, at times, experience chaos and confusion as we are trying to figure things out and come up with a pathway toward the outcome.
  3. Illumination – is what we often call the “ah ha” or “eureka!” moment in which this ideas start to come together and where breakthroughs come into the light of awareness.
  4. Implementation – is when we move into action, taking baby steps toward manifesting our outcomes.

And, as I have learned this week, there are times in which we re-cycle from Implementation back into Percolation.  While it may feel like a step back, it is still a baby step in the creating process.

When this occurs, we can either the re-cycling as a problem and Persecutor and react from the Victim Orientation, thus diving into the Dreaded Drama Triangle, or meet it as a Challenger from a Creator Orientation, learn from it, and honor the cycle.

As I do, I am looking forward to the day – hopefully soon – in which Illumination shines its light and the path forward opens.


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