Be forewarned, there is a pun coming here!

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege and pleasure to co-facilitate the Workshop Certification program for The Leadership Circle (TLC).  TLC is truly a leading-edge, international network of leadership and organization development professionals bringing depth to the inner-dimensions of leadership that are the foundation for sustainable outward effectiveness.  TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) has been inextricably influenced by my 20 years of association and friendship with Bob Anderson (TLC’s founder) and my beloved colleagues there.

During the certification program, one of the participants began his practice presentation on the Reacting and Creating Orientations by pointing out that the words “reacting” and “creating” contain exactly the same letters.  (In TED* the “reacting”  is referred to as the Victim Orientation, while “creating” is the Creator Orientation.)

He went on to emphasize that by shifting what we see (and by shifting the “C”) we can upgrade our orientation and effectiveness.  In the Reacting Orientation, we are focused on – and all we can see is – problems, which engage our anxiety that then cause us to react.  As we make the shift to a Creating Orientation, we set our sights on our envisioned outcomes; tap our passion/desire; and take the “baby steps” that enable us to manifest the vision over time.

Making the C-Level shift from Reacting to Creating makes all the difference in the world!

Here’s to the Creator in you!

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