It has been a week – and about 15,000 miles of air travel – since the last post.  The envisioned outcome for the “TED* Thoughts” blog has been (and still is) to post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

While it would be tempting – and maybe even valid – to “blame” the intense workshop I was blessed to co-facilitate for The Leadership Circle last week in Sydney, Australia, I am not going to succumb to the Dreaded Drama Triangle and claim Victim.  I loved the week and it took full focus and presence as we practiced the craft of facilitating a group of Creators!  As a result, however, several days of blogging were missed.

As Ted says to David in The Power of TED*, “It’s important to be realistic about what forward progress looks like.  The way of creating is not a smooth and  continuous upward curve of progress.”  Sometimes the creating process requires us to step back, declare “time out!” and to reboot by refocusing on the outcome and getting back to it.

So that is what I am doing today – rebooting the process and renewing the commitment to sharing “TED* Thoughts” three times each week!

Is there anything in your life as a Creator that it is time to reboot?

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