This week I am again privileged to serve as a Coach in the University of Notre Dame’s Executive Integral Leadership Program.  This is the 8th year for my involvement through my association with The Leadership Circle.  I will sit with 5 Executive MBA students to debrief their Leadership Circle Profile – a powerful 360-degree feedback tool in which they gain insight into how they are perceived as a leader by those around them.

Experience shows that many – if not most – will take in this feedback through the filter of the Victim (or Reactive) Orientation.  For them, the perspectives contained in the Profile will reveal a set of “problems to solve.”  As described in The Power of TED*, in this mindset we focus on problems, which engage our anxiety and causes us to react.  The reactions will range from defensiveness to anger to fear that they are not effective – and they will want to do action planning to “fix” the flaws they see.

There will also be a handful who take in this precious information as a Creator, filtered through the Creator (or Creative) Orientation.  For them, they will see the feedback as a “snapshot in time” of what lies in the waking of their leading.  This picture of current reality will provide perspective on their strengths and what supports their leading, as well as what is inhibiting their effectiveness.  They will want to action plan in ways that continue to leverage the strengths, as well as plan for “baby steps” to enhance their effectiveness.

When you receive feedback – invited or not – how to take it in and respond?  As a Creator, honestly and candidly understanding current reality is vital for planning for action.


To the Creator in you!