We often hear this question:

What do you mean when you write about the “Creator essence?”

Your Creator essence is the anchor of the Power of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic)® and 3 Vital Questions® frameworks. However, it is anything but a new concept. In fact, for most of history the great religions from Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Judaism proclaimed a path from self-centeredness to an understanding of our deeper, truer self. Your Creator essence, therefore, is consistent with the ancient principles that beckon forward a deeper knowledge of your pre-existing creative intelligence.

These teachings are concerned with inner harmony, finding peace, and treating yourself and others with kindness. This “goodness” is embedded in your human neurology and responsible for your survival. It is true that you are wired neurologically for danger and the fight-flight mechanism, but you are equally wired for compassion and loving relationships as you see and understand your goodness and the goodness in all others.

Over the last year we have taken great joy in watching our new granddaughter grow and thrive. She is blessed with loving parents, a nurturing environment, and has grown instinctively toward connection, smiles, and hugs. If given love and a safe environment, infants naturally reach out and want to be loved and to give love. Without it they would fail to thrive.

We adults have the same built-in “stuff” of infants—it is our natural and true self. We call this innate instinct to progress, thrive, and grow our “Creator essence.” Depending on life experiences, it may be dulled, dampened, and ignored, but it cannot, and should not, be denied as your true essence.

Your Creator essence is like the intelligence within a tulip bulb. The impulse is so deep inside the tulip’s DNA that, if there’s fertile soil, water, and sunlight, the tulip bulb becomes a beautiful flowering tulip. It cannot do otherwise. It “knows” its nature and lives to express its magnificence.

It is the same Creator essence that lives in you and every human being. The beauty of the TED* and 3VQ frameworks remind you of who you really are, even though you may have had experiences and beliefs that deny or minimized this truth. When you deeply “know” this truth in yourself, you begin to see it in everyone, whether they act like it, or know it!

But here’s the rub: The ego and the problem mindset are not interested in cultivating your Creator essence. It is more interested in control, focusing on the past, fantasizing about the future, and managing anxiety. The Creator in you is less interested in attachments, being right, exerting power over others, or a whole host of Dreaded Drama Triangle (DDT) behaviors.

Do not underestimate the magnitude of the identity shift when you fully embrace your Creator essence!  The ego doesn’t want to acknowledge your “higher self” because, once that Creator in you comes into awareness, the ego’s energy diminishes, and your Creator essence continues to take root.

The challenge of living in the awareness of your Creator awareness is that you will still have times when you feel needy, wounded, unlovable, and unworthy. When you can witness these “less than” moments sooner, and know that they are not your true essence, this is where real choice lies. The DDT thoughts and behaviors are simply a way of temporarily thinking and behaving when you forget who you really are.

What would it take for you to cultivate this deeper and truer sense of yourself? When you live from this place of “knowing,” you are shifting from the ego-centered, me-focused reactive mindset to the we-focus orientation of your Creator essence.

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