There are many ways to say to ourselves, “I am not enough.” Statements might sound like:

“I am not loveable.”
“I don’t matter.”
“I am not worthy.”
“Something is wrong with me.”

Whatever the phrase, all point toward the same concept of feeling as if you are, quite simply, not enough.

We both have our own “I am not enough” internal chatter and understand the pain that can arise from this self-limiting song. Whether you hear it as a soft whisper or a megaphone shouting in your head, from time-to-time, all of us suffer from this message.

Human beings have two aspects that poets, authors, religions and song writers have referred to since the beginning of time.

The first is focused on our limitations and is the basis of the “not enough” internal mantra, which develops from the part of us that believes we are flawed and broken. We are self-critical and listen to our internal Persecutor.

These inner thoughts can come from our own self-criticism or can be things we’ve been told over time and that we have internalized and now believe to be true. Think of these as “bad tapes” that need to be re-recorded with a new and more empowering set of beliefs.

Applied in moderation, the “not enough” message can keep our ego consciousness in check and foster humility. However, when it dominates our self-image and becomes our way of life and thinking, “I am not enough” leads to the victim mentality that fosters the Dreaded Drama Triangle (DDT)™ and a feeling that we are powerless in the face of life’s events.

The second aspect of human nature has to do with our potential. But here’s the question:  Is the opposite of “I am not enough” simply that “I am enough?” On the contrary, we believe there is a more profound declaration for who we are as human beings.

“I am a Creator”

This mantra is the central focus of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic)™.  This is the counter-balancing energy to the “I am not enough” message and affirms our potential and our power to create and choose our response to life events. Because if you are a Creator, you are, by default, more than enough.

How we work with these messages – “I am not enough” and “I am a Creator” – and balance them with the truth of who we are as humans, is the key to transforming our internal drama to personal empowerment and freedom.

We are learning to recognize the “I am not enough” banter as a red flag to help us stop and be curious about what just surfaced. As we pause and observe our internal chatter, with practice we can come to appreciate the message as simply that—one message among the thousand that float through our heads each day.

These are subtle yet very powerful messages that run in the background of our thinking.   Every single human being has some form of these negative statements moving in and through their thoughts. If you identify with these messages, know that you are not alone.  Also know that there is an alternative way to live.

We can move our “center of gravity” — our core self-image — away from the limiting “not enough” voice toward the empowering “I am a Creator” way of living.

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