There is a law of physics called “resistance.”  It refers to the hindrance of electricity along wires or the interference to the movement of electrons zigzagging from atom to atom.  The law states that the greater the resistance, the greater the interruption and flow of energy.

The feeling of resistance isn’t fun at all.  You may feel unsatisfied, even miserable, when you allow resistance to stop you from creating what you want.  It may be:

  • The closet you want to clean, but don’t
  • A desire to draw or paint, but don’t
  • An important work project you don’t complete
  • Procrastinating from starting your novel
  • The exercise program you want to start, but don’t

Over time, if you don’t follow through with the endeavor you say you want, frustration and self-criticism can build.  Your inner Persecutor makes sure you feel guilty and maybe even shameful.

Resistance is actually impersonal, even though you personalize its blockage and, in so doing, give it power. Resistance is a force field, residing in the gap between what you say you want and the inertia that keeps you where you are.  It can certainly be a part of the “tension” in the Dynamic Tension creating process.

But, it’s a law of nature and not about you.  It has no strength on its own unless it is fueled by doubt and fear.  That fear can come from your beliefs about not being good enough or __________.  (You fill in the blank of what your Persecutor voice of resistance says.)

You have a choice.  You can accept the laws of physics and work with the resistance as a force and energy you can transform or you can remain a victim to its influence and disruptive momentum.

In North America it is spring time and budding tulips are everywhere. The creative impulse for the tulip to flower is mighty.  It has to overcome the resistance to remain a bulb buried in the thawing ground.  It instinctively overcomes the resistance because its nature is to blossom, not die below the surface.  It’s what it does.  It is a tulip and it therefore has no option but to realize its true self.

Resistance need not be in the way, if you can come to appreciate it.  Its hindrance can be a gift if you take the time to understand what resistance is trying to tell you. Resistance can actually be helpful in moving forward if you allow it to slow you down and pause so you can notice what is wanting to emerge.

Resistance does not have to stop you.  Make resistance your friend so it can shine a light on your creative path.

Learning to leverage resistance is key to creating. Very often you will notice that the greater the urge to create, the greater the resistance.  Think about that point.  If you don’t want to desperately create something, you wouldn’t feel the strong resistance.  The Creator in you wants to evolve and create.

Yes, resistance is a force that can push back or slow you down, because that is what it does.  Your choice, should you choose to accept it, is to recognize it as a force and a sign that something is budding inside you.

Thank it for the insight it provides and then take the next Baby Step in your creating process.

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