This week I am honored to be a coach in the Mesa Research Group’s “Global Leadership Program in Paris. Participants come from literally all over the world: India, China, South Africa, France, Australia and the United States. The next few blogs will emerge from observations and reflections resulting in the experience.

Today’s session on leadership effectiveness was facilitated by Anil Sachdev, founder of India’s School for Inspired Leadership (SOIL). During the session he raised a provocative question: Are you (we are) responsible for global climate change; f or the hungry of the world, yet for the millions who live in poverty?

Of course we want to answer “no” – we are not responsible for those realities in our world. It is all too easy to take in these realities as huge, overwhelming problems that fuel the Victim Orientation.  These problems call forth our anxiety and sense of powerlessness and we react by either hoping someone will emerge as a Rescuer to solve them or we deny our capacity to do anything about them individually.

However, as Creators and leaders – in our lives and in our work – I think we are called to be responsible to these realities. Being responsible means we are literally “able to respond.” We can respond to these realities thought the baby steps each day. We can take steps which reduce our impact on the environment, we can support those who are in direct service to the poor and hungry in ways direct and indirect, through financial contributions and sharing with others the “current realities” we face in creating a world that works for all.


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