Shortly after posting yesterday’s blog, I was looking through TED* fan – and FITness guru – Shawn Phillips’ book, Strength For Life: Shape Your Body, Sharpen Your Mind, Energize Your Life, and came across his distinction between “exercise” and “training.”

His perspective is that exercise is:

  • Done for its own sake
  • Without goals, purpose
  • In response to “need”
  • Lacks intensity
  • Can be boring

While training is:

  • Motivated by a “want”
  • With goals and purpose
  • Focus, intense, engaging
  • Measures feedback
  • Produces state of “flow”

Two individuals immediately came to mind.  My wife, Donna, is hiking in the Olympic Mountains this week with a group of women from our church.  She referred to her preparation as “training for the hike,” rather than merely exercising.  I also thought of my long-time friend, Bonnie Lewis, who is sharing her training for how she wants to look and feel when she turns 60 through her blog (see August 9th for her reference to how TED* is helping shape her focus).

As I read Shawn’s lists and considered Donna and Bonnie, it struck me that the mantra from yesterday – “I am creating health” – represents an important shift to a Creator perspective in relation to exercising and is a good start.  However, as a Creator, having a goal – a specific outcome – in mind to train for is the way that a Creator engages in exercise that is just one part of training.  I am going to ponder that for myself and, when I am clear on it, share it here.

But for now, what are you training for?

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