This is the first day back from 10 days of “Sabbath time” – that time in the U.S. which we call vacation and that much of the world refers to as being on holiday.

Returning relaxed and rejuvenated, the time of rest reminds me of the sacred notion of Sabbath.  Many spiritual traditions recognize – even mandate – a day or a period of time to rest and reflect.  The word Sabbath derives from the Hebrew “Shabbat,” which means “to cease.”

As a Creator, we must remember that there are times to “take the foot off the gas.”  Otherwise, it is a pretty good bet we will end up burning out and losing our capacity to bring into being our envisioned outcomes.

So, take some Sabbath time yourself today.  It could be taking a quiet leisurely walk somewhere in nature; drawing and soaking in a nice hot bath; or just sitting for an hour and letting the world go by.  Sometimes the most powerful action we can take is to stand still.


To the Creator in you!