At the heart of being a Creator is increasing our capacity to be “at choice.”  When opportunities or choice points present themselves, we experience the crossroads of saying “yes” or “no.”

A couple weeks ago, in a conversation with a good friend, we were exploring how important the choice of “no” is in the creating process.  “Yes’ is a pretty clear in that it is a choice which adds momentum in going after the outcomes we are drawn to create. Sometimes we are faced with an either or choice: do you want to go to a movie or for a walk on the beach?  Saying “yes” to one means saying “no” to the other – at least in that moment.

Saying “no” to a possibility or opportunity, my friend observed, often is a choice that opens space for something to come in to fill the void.

This week served up the occasion to experience just that.  We made the decision this morning to postpone a “Discover The Power of TED*workshop in Richmond, VA.  We said “no, not now” to presenting the workshop.  This has opened the space for a morning of co-creating with a friend and colleague – a “yes” I welcome and now look forward to (after all, I am going to be in town anyway).

Rather than seeing the “no” as a setback or somehow a negative choice, it is important to look at the possibilities that then present themselves – immediately or over time. Who knows – maybe this will open up a new pathway for the “spread of TED*” in the world that the workshop, itself, would not have made available.


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