The central role of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic)™ is that of a Creator. There are two primary actions of a Creator.  The first is owning your power to choose your response to life’s challenges, regardless of the circumstances.  The second is taking responsibility for creating what you want.

The Creator is your true essence that forms who and what you are as a human being.   The rose knows it is a rose.  It doesn’t have to think about it because it is in its DNA.   Living as a Creator is in your DNA, as surely as the rose is a rose.

Many people have a hard time believing that at the center of their life force is that Creator essence.  They may have had a difficult early childhood or other life experiences that have shamed or demeaned them.  Thus it may be easy to become self-critical and not believe in their core goodness.

Do you know that your true essence is a Creator – do you really know it?  It is essential you believe in and accept yourself as a Creator.  As you understand and accept this fact about yourself, you will naturally begin to see others as Creators too.

What if someone you encounter is playing one of the roles of Victim, Persecutor or Rescuer, which make up the Dreaded Drama Triangle (DDT) ™?  How do you continue to see others as Creators even when they are not acting as one?

As a Creator yourself, you can choose your response to them in that moment, as one Creator interacting with another.

Even if they act like a Victim, they are a Creator. Even if they act as a Rescuer, they are a Creator.  Even if they act as a Persecutor, they are a Creator.  The more you make this a conscious practice, the more you will find that they respond to you in kind – eventually!

This takes an ability to have empathy and compassion for those with whom you struggle to get along.  It can be easy to have empathy and compassion for your loved ones or friends.  But seeing everyone as a Creator, especially those who are different than you, can be a big leap for many.

We challenge you to an exercise.  In the next week pick a day on your calendar and declare it “A Creator Day.”

For 24 hours, every time you see and/or interact with another person, greet them as a Creator in your own mind.  If you are sitting in a meeting, look around the room and silently acknowledge each person with “Creator” before their name (i.e. Creator Katherine or Creator Connor).

Do this for everyone, including the most difficult person in the room.  Notice how it feels and what difference, if any, it makes in the way you interact with others.

You can practice this with everyone in your life, regardless of whether or not you engage verbally. If you are sitting in a traffic jam for example, glance at the person in the next car and say to yourself, “They are a Creator.”

Whether at work or at home, seeing and relating to yourself and others as the Creators that you and they are contributes to building resourceful and empowered relationships in all aspects of your life.  Enjoy your Creator day and here’s to the Creator in you!

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