The central role of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic)™ is that of a Creator. There are two primary aspects of being a Creator.  One is, owning your power to choosing your response to life’s challenges regardless of the circumstances.  Second, creating what you want.

Cultivating these qualities in ourselves is always a growth experience.  Seeing these qualities in everyone else is an even steeper climb in some cases. What if someone you encounter is playing one of the roles of Victim, Persecutor or Rescuer, which make up the Dreaded Drama Triangle (DDT)™?

How do you continue to see others as Creators even when they are not acting as one?

We can learn from situations like that to see ourselves as a Creator and to see others as the Creators they are.

If they don’t see themselves as a Creator, it may not be possible or appropriate for you to explicitly call attention to their capacity to be a Creator.  As a Creator yourself, you can choose your response to them, in that moment, as one Creator interacting with another.

Even if they act as a Victim, they are a Creator. Even if they act as a Rescuer, they are a Creator.  Even if they act as a Persecutor, they are a Creator.  The more you make this a conscious practice, the more you will find that they respond to you in kind – eventually!

We challenge you to an exercise.  In the next week pick a day on your calendar and declare it “A Creator Day.”

For 24 hours, every time you see and/or interact with another person, greet them as a Creator in your own mind.  If you are sitting in a meeting, look around the room and silently acknowledge each person with “Creator” before their name (i.e. Creator Bob; Creator Jill).

Do this for everyone, including the most difficult person in the room.  Notice how it feels and what difference, if any, it makes in the way you interact with others. You can practice this with everyone in your life, regardless of whether or not you verbally engage with them.

Whether at work or at home or in our everyday interactions, seeing and relating to others as the Creators that they are, contributes to building resourceful and empowered relationships in all aspects of our lives.

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