(Thanks to “TED* Thoughts” guest blogger, Kathy Haskin!)

Shopping with TED*

My husband and I went shopping on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving in the U.S. – often the busiest shopping day of the year).  Being much more at home in non-commercial spaces, we had never tried to shop on this day known for commercial chaos.

Wound by the stimulus and stress, we both jumped aside as a car sped past us in the parking lot. I reacted to our response, “Boy, we are acting like prey species!” After a moment of shifting focus, I asked, “Can we create a better way of doing this?” My attempt to step out of the Victim Orientation was noticed.

John nodded, “Yes, this is definitely a situation for TED*.”  We paused, watching the various roles of the Drama Triangle reacting throughout the mall. Those people who were in the Victim role, like us, were clearly caught in the anxiety of the orientation.  By shifting ourselves into the Creator Orientation I immediately felt my purpose changing from getting away from the stress to getting something special for someone we care for.

As Co-Creators we took steps into the next store, focused on our desired outcome and present to the current, albeit chaotic, reality.

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