This morning I had the privilege – and pleasure – to share the two orientations that are at the heart of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) and all the work we do at the Bainbridge Leadership Center, with the Bainbridge (Island) Business Connection (BBC).  Whereas in TED* the reference is to the Victim Orientation and to the Creator Orientation, in business audiences like this the orientations are described as the Problem and Outcome orientations.

The BBC is made up of entrepreneurs and small business owners.  The presentation began with this question: how many of you began your business with a sense of vision and passion for the products and/or services you provide?  Of course, virtually all of the hands went up.  That was followed with this question: how many of you now find yourself dealing with and reacting to problems impacting your business?  Again, almost all the hands were raised – and the sighs were audible.

Whether in business or in our lives, we are entrepreneurs (Creators) in some way or another.  We envision and create outcomes.  Once they are created – or at least are well in process of being created – we can easily get pulled into a focus on problems to which we react.

The point of the presentation was this: get back to creating, and tackle only the problems that are related to that which you are creating – rather than reacting to all the problems that come on the “radar screen.”


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