Recently, my friend (and just-down-the-street neighbor) Jennifer Louden (aka The  Comfort Queen) posted a blog on Strengths.

Writing as if Yoda was speaking (a sense of humor is one of her strengths), she observed:

Doing more of what strengthens you = Life Force More.

Doing more of what weakens you = Life Force Less.

Leveraging your strengths is part of the discipline of being a Creator.  The first step is to identify them.  The second is to leverage them in service to creating your envisioned outcomes.  As you do so, you gain more Life Force and build momentum.

Another related discipline is to put your focus on what you want learn, develop or grow into – rather than focusing on minimizing or getting away from a weakness (which depletes Life Force).

When working with The Leadership Circle Profile – where perspective is provided on both Reactive Tendencies (often seen as weaknesses) and Creative Competencies (areas of strength and/or potential development) – we always conclude by putting the focus on those creative aspects the participant wants to move toward and grow into more fully.

Identify and leverage your strengths.  Focus on what you want to grow into and deploy more fully in creating outcomes.  In so doing, you will experience more Life Force, which is the essence of empowerment.


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