Here in the United States, we have moved through Labor Day – that traditional “last day of summer” – and children are heading back to school.

I once aspired to be a high school teacher.  In some ways, I guess I am a teacher – just in a different form.

Our schools – both public and private – can be environments in which the Dreaded Drama Triangle (DDT), and its roles of Victim, Persecutor and Rescuer reigns and is reinforced.  It can also be a laboratory for teaching and experimenting with TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) and helping students hone their capacity to Creators, Challengers and Coaches.

Parents, too, play a vital role in determining which paradigm will prevail.  (For more on this topic, see my article entitled “Parent Engagement in Education: Drama or Empowerment?”

Kathy Haskin sent me the link to a YouTube video about a letter sent by a famous father to his son’s teacher on his first day of school.  Clearly the author of the letter was a Creator asking the teacher to teach his child to be a Creator and to develop the ability envision outcomes and to choose his (and her) response to life circumstances.