Arriving in the mail today was a letter from Ron, a federal prisoner with whom I have corresponded off-and-on for over four years, and who signed his letter “TED* behind bars.”

His is an amazing story and, as far as I can discern, he is a model inmate.  Before being transferred to the facility in which he is now incarcerated, Ron presented a 10-week class on The Power of TED* three different times (he also has taught a number of GED and for-credit classes).  He has also earned an Associate’s degree, with the plan to earn is Bachelor’s degree upon release and to become a youth drug counselor.

In today’s letter, he wrote:

“Being in prison gives plenty of time for introspection, and I must have replayed my life a million times – looking for the origin of my criminal thinking.  If you peel away the layers, the Victim Orientation is at the root.  When I widen my focus… you find the DDT (Dreaded Drama Triangle) footprint everywhere!”

In a letter last year he also made the following observation that serves as important food-for-thought:

“Another thing I’ve learned – prison is not limited to institutions, because I was imprisoned long before I came there!  I am so glad of the unique circumstances that brought TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) into my life.  Quick recap: I read a book called Codependent No More and there was a line about Mr. (Stephen) Karpman.  So I asked my mom to look him up and she sent me TED*. I guess the rest is history… and the future! J”

We can so easily imprison ourselves in our daily dramas.  The key to unlocking the cell and emerging into the freedom of choice is to make the shift – as Ron has – from the DDT to TED*.


To the Creator in you!