Whenever someone orders a copy of The Power of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) or signs up for the free monthly “TED* Letter” ezine, we send an email thanking them and asking how they heard about TED*.

Some of the stories have been remarkable and almost mysterious.  Several just happened to see the book sitting on a friend or family member’s.  One found it on a bookshelf in a coffee shop.  Another was given the book by new-found friends right before heading off for a transatlantic flight.  A few months ago we learned of someone who found a TED* bookmark while crossing the street (not that we encourage people to throw the bookmarks on the ground!), which he hung onto until he could get to a computer.

Mostly, however, people learn about TED* from others.  While on the phone this morning with Paula Cassin – an avid TED* fan and convener of the Toronto TUG (TED* User Group) – she shared how she always tells her own story whenever giving the book to others or conveying its concepts.  She shares how she has been affected – and how she applies – the ways of thinking, being and taking action that is at heart of TED*.

That is really the hope behind The Power of TED* – that the story told in the book leads to your own story of growing into being a Creator in your own life.  Go out and share that story with those around you.  Their lives – and yours – will be enriched as a result.

What is your story of growing as a Creator?

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