Doug Levy, long-time TED* fan and CEO of  imc2 – a Dallas-based marketing and brand engagement agency – passed on through Facebook a blog posted by one of his associates, entitled “Marketing, the Figure-Ground Stimulus, and Values.”

What – you might ask – does a topic like this have to do with The Empowerment Dynamic and being a Creator?  Well, it struck me that the way that imc2 defines trust in connecting brands with people has everything to do how we build trusting relationships as Co-Creators.  The following particularly rang true (trying reading it and substituting “a Creator” for “the brand”):

  • “We at  imc2 define trust as credibility (does the brand do what it says it will), care (does the brand care about my wants and needs), and congruency (does the brand stand for things I value)…  The kicker: Brands can only have congruency… if they are clear about what they value, and live those values authentically.”

As a Creator, do you exhibit credibility – do you do what you say you will and follow through on commitments to yourself and others?

As a Creator, do you care about the wants and needs – the dreams and envisioned outcomes – of others and support them as a Coach and, at appropriate times, a Challenger?

Asd a Creator, do you live with congruency by “walking your talk” and interacting with others consistent with your values – and do you value the other as being a Creator in their own right?

Credibility, Caring, and Congruency are the 3 “Cs” that make up the core of co-creative relationships.