One of the common misconceptions about TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) is that this way of being in the world is “soft.”  Indeed, given the harsh realities that many people face in their everyday lives, it is a challenge to embrace the possibility of choosing one’s response to life circumstances.

As we look at the three primary shifts contained in The Power of TED*, much becomes available by making “shift happen” in our lives.  The shift from Victim to Creator reconnects us to our dreams and desires.  By choosing to move from Rescuer to Coach we make empowerment the focus for ourselves and others.  Making the shift from Persecutor to Challenger results in a call to action and learning.

As I share TED* and the idea of these shifts between roles with others in presentations and workshops, I have come to clearly see that one of the most difficult and important shifts to make is the latter: from Persecutor to Challenger.  It is the Challenger challenge!

No matter what situation in which you find yourself, if you can ask and answer the question “what has this person, condition or circumstance come into my life to teach me?” or “what is this situation challenging me to learn or develop?” then you have taken the first important step to make the shift happen.  Rather than persecuting you, your life experience is challenging you to stretch yourself in some way or another.


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