This weekend, Donna, her children, their partners and I will be hiking and camping along the Washington Pacific coast and into the Hoh Rainforest.  This is an outing that she has envisioned over the past year as a way of celebrating a certain significant birthday of hers that is coming up next month (I will not mention which decade she ventures into, but it is definitely a milestone).

What inspires me about her choice is that she is meeting the Challenger of aging – as all of us who comprise the Baby Boomer cohort are – as a time to learn, grow and test limits.  Rather than seeing age as a Persecutor, she welcomes with grace the realities of effects if time, while reaching for new ways to create health and wellness and vitality.

Happy Birthday (soon), Sweetie – let’s take a hike! (And thanks for the inspiration!)


To the Creator in you!