Here in the United States, the Democratic and Republican party conventions are over and the “silly season” of presidential election politics is in full swing.

There is perhaps no better illustration of the Dreaded Drama Triangle (DDT) ™ in action than in the posturing, positioning and pontificating that takes place in politics.  The Victim is the citizenry looking for solutions to the vexing economic and social problems we face.  Candidates want to convince voters that they are the Rescuers who have the answers and the Persecutor is the other party and, therefore, the other candidate(s).

This is at the root of the negative tone that political advertising takes.

Political consultants will tell you that the reason we see so many negative ads is because they work.  They feed right off of the Victim Orientation in which the opposition is presented as the problem in order to raise the level of fear and anxiety of the voter so that they will react by voting for their candidate.

I long for the day in which public leaders raise their voices and campaigns to a higher plane in which they speak primarily to that which they are committed to create for the public good and can hold the tension between challenging their opponents views, while speaking of them with respect and grace as a Creator in their own right.


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