It is important to remember that choosing the life a Creator is not all “goodness and light.”  The path is sometimes is sometimes ecstatic and other times filled doubt and despair.  The following poem was written during such a darker time.

Break Camp

I want to give my poet back his voice.


Can the heart sing through this pen as it

did before?

Can the pain and the awakening find its

            literary voice anew?

Such communicating was once a way of

            survival and sanity.

Heartache and enlightenment vying for

            space on the page.

Light and shadow – siblings in the

            spectrum of life –

Arising along the Eastern horizon of

            relaxed focus and flexibility,

Reveals the overgrowth of my life – the

Weed-clogged brambles of my creative


Which once flowed freely.


This new body, alive after many

seasons of death and rebirth,

is not the body of my youth.

But my soul is.

Soul is timeless, though its expression


It too spirals through life’s cycles of

            depression and regeneration.

And, like a muscle, it grows in strength

as its need for engagement is


Soul is the life behind pain and ecstasy,

Transcending the labels of emotion.


To care for the soul is to stay awake

to the feeling of – and for – life.

Abundant life is lived along the

            full spectrum of experience.

Heights are only lofty in contrast to

            the depths of the troughs.


Such is the path of creating.


The growth curve of bringing into being

desires of the soul’s creations,

Is not a smooth upward slope of

            easy climbing.

It is a path of mountain peaks that

            traverses though hallows of

            the soul’s doubt and despair,

            dark as night in the thick

overgrowth of deeply held



The only way up is through,

            even when the stone of the

next step

            is all that one can see and

            nettles of this moment

            prick the Spirit

            and wants retreat.


Break camp…  Break camp.


This valley is not your final destination.

Unimaginable vistas lie ahead for those

Who discern the painful beauty that despair’s door opens upon in life’s walk.

(© 2009 – David Emerald Womeldorff)