It was Pierre Teilhard de Chardin who first observed that we are not human beings seeking a spiritual experience – we are spiritual being having a human experience.

If this is so – and it is a central tenet of The Power of TED* – then the human experience that we are having is the “learning laboratory” for us as spiritual beings.  The problem-focused, anxiety-driven and reactive Victim Orientation and resulting Dreaded Drama Triangle (DDT) of relationship dynamics is the context in which so much of the human experience takes place.

The next time you are walking down the street, in a shopping mall, or anywhere people are conversing, listen to the conversations around you.  The focus tends to be on what people don’t like or don’t want and their reactions to life events.  This is not to blame or judge. Just notice.  It is the most common denominator of the human experience.

By consciously making the shift to an outcome-centered, passion-powered and resourceful Creator Orientation and cultivating relationships centered in The Empowerment Dynamic (TED), we have the capacity to reflect upon our day-to-day experiences.  We increase our capacity to be “at choice” in how we respond to what we are learning from the human experience.

As a “learning laboratory” we get to experiment in the process of envisioning and creating outcomes in collaboration with others.  That is the purpose and gift of the human experience.

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