This past week, we in the U.S. celebrated Thanksgiving Day.  One of our family traditions – like many others – is that we go around the table (at least twice) to express what – or whom – we are grateful for.

Some expressions have a tinge of humor (I expressed thanks for electricity and propane, as we had just come through the first winter storm that left many without power for 2-3 days).  Others are more heartfelt expressions that bring tears of appreciation.  It always sets the right tone for the family meal.

Donna and I were basking in the glow of family when we read of Mark Nepo’s marvelous daily missives and meditations in his The Book of Awakening entitled “The Kinship of Gratitude.”

And then it clicked: THAT’S the antidote to the Kinship of Victimhood, which I first wrote about a couple years ago in a TED* Letter and most recently earlier this month here in TED* Thoughts.

Instead of colluding in the “isn’t it awful” conversations that so dominate our culture, what would it be like if collaborated in a Kinship of Gratitude?

Instead of perpetuating the Dreaded Drama Triangle as Victims railing against Persecutors and crying out for a Rescuer, we could cultivate TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) and speak to the outcomes we are creating – and have manifested – for which we are grateful.   As Creators we can join forces with others as Co-Creators and support them as a Coach and, when helpful, as a conscious constructive Challenger.

Let’s commit to create and nurture the Kinship of Gratitude.


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