A frequent source of inspiration (as has been mentioned several times) is Mark Nepo’s marvelous daily missives and meditations contained in The Book of Awakening.  On Tuesday of this week (March 2nd), the reading was entitled “More Power to You.”

Nepo made an insightful distinction between two types of power: worldly power and inner power.  He writes, “By worldly power I mean power over things, people, or situations – controlling power.  By inner power I mean power that comes from being a part of something larger – connective power.”

At times I am concerned that that the ways of thinking, being and taking action that make up TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) and the life stance of the Creator Orientation can be misconstrued as a means of increasing “world power” – controlling power.  While we undoubtedly enhance our capacity to choose our response to “things, people, and situations” and tap into our power to create outcomes, the intention inherent in TED* is connective and generative, not controlling.

Controlling is the practice of the Persecutor in the Dreaded Drama Triangle (DDT) and is rooted in the reactive Victim Orientation.

As the character Ted shares with David in The Power of TED*, “A Creator has a special relationship with power… The kind of power that a Creator cultivates is not power over others—that is the power of the Persecutor. Instead, a Creator harnesses the power to create. Power to and power with are the dynamic duo of the Creator Orientation.” (Page 102)

The” power to” choose our response and bring into being envisioned outcomes is at the heart of what it means to be a Creator.  As stated in a previous entry (“You Cannot Create Alone”), every act of creating requires some form of collaboration.  And collaboration is based on sharing and cultivating Creator “power with” others.  We do so as Co-Creators, Challengers and Coaches in our relationships.