We recently heard a statement that helped describe the magnitude of cultural change we often feel.   During a radio interview, a person made this observation:  “It took 200 years for the labor movement to achieve a 40 hour work-week and it took only 5 years for the smart phone to destroy it.”

We certainly identify with that statement.  We are aware of how often we check our electronic gadgets and sometimes feel victimized by the 24/7 never-stop-to-pause culture in which we live.

Right after we heard the quote about smart phones monopolizing our work life, we learned a new insight about the word “pause.”   It could stand for:  Pray And Use Spiritual Energy.

Learning to PAUSE is an essential part of the TED* work.  We wrote about it last year in our essay titled:  Hit the Pause Button.   We appreciate the reminder of the acronym PAUSE, to use our spiritual energy as a path toward stopping and asking for help—which is what we believe prayer is about.

Asking for help is a way to surrender in the moment.  When either one or both of us slip into the drama roles of Victim, Persecutor or Rescuer, we are learning to pause, take a breath, and request help by asking: “Given the current circumstances, what do I really want?  Where am I willing to take responsibility for my choices?”

We now understand that these are prayerful questions and they bring us back to our highest good and on a new and more empowering spiritual path.

Without pausing, it is almost impossible to shift ourselves out of the DDT and toward a more resourceful way of living.  In the space that holds the pause, we are able to redirect our focus toward what we want to create rather than focusing on problems and what we don’t like or don’t want.  The power of the pause is huge and an absolutely essential key to shifting out of drama.   If we don’t pause, our neurology continues to be hooked by the fear-based response that pulled us into the drama in the first place.

The rapid pace of life today, with smart phones and whatever new gadgets are coming next, is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity because of the toll it takes on our health, relationships and the stress it adds to our lifestyle.  Learning to PAUSE and tap into your spiritual “higher power” energy, for just a moment, is one of the easiest, yet profound, new habits you can build into your life.

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