Yesterday Christians around the world celebrated the birth of an awesome Creator named Jesus of Nazareth.  For millennia other cultures and faiths have had traditions and some sort of recognition and celebration of the “return of the light” (at least here in the Northern Hemisphere).

In the cycle of the seasons, from fall through winter darkness has reached its zenith and now the light has begun its ascent toward spring and summer.

Creation – and creating – occurs in all seasons.  In fact, creating draws from both the darkness and the light.

This recognition came to mind this morning during our “quiet time” and after reading the morning paper, which contained an article on the movie writer-director, Cameron Crowe.  Writer Jake Coyle asked Crowe about the source of his positivity toward life – including the experiences of times of darkness.

His reply was that of a Creator clearly taking a Creator Orientation toward life:

“It’s innate and a goal… to battle back the daily hurdles or the challenges and just say, ‘How can I turn this into a positive?’ It’s interesting how sometimes positivity is the door that opens to a greater understanding of how to deal with the darkness.”

We all experience seasons of darkness – it is part of the human experience and the natural order of Creation.  However, rather than succumbing and adopting the role of Victim and reacting to them as Persecutors, we can choose to unlock “the door to a greater understanding of how to deal with the darkness,” by responding to such experiences as Challengers that call forth learning and growth and resourcefulness.

That is what it means to grow through the darkness and into the light.