Last night during a dinner conversation in Montreal, we were talking about some of the practical, everyday applications of The Power of TED*.  The question arose: when you realize that you are in a drama (the Dreaded Drama Triangle [DDT]), how do stop participating and make the shift?

The first step is to call “time out!” – either to yourself or out loud to the other(s) with whom you are in the drama.  To realize and declare that this (the DDT) is not what you want begins to break the cycle.

The next step – whenever possible – is to take a break in the interaction.  The break may be 10 minutes, 2 hours, a day… however long it takes for you to recenter yourself in the Creator Orientation.  At work it may be to call a break and grab a cup of coffee or tea before reconvening.  At home it may be to take a short walk before coming back together.  The important point is to break your own participation in the drama.

Depending on the situation, you may explicitly explore how you were participating in the DDT or you may merely re-engage with the other(s) from the role of Creator, Challenger or Coach.

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