ted-top-3As we reviewed 2014, we took a look at which of our weekly “TED* Works!” essays were the most popular during the year.    Feedback from our readers and our internet research data allowed us to rank this year’s most read and shared postings.  If these “winners” are evidence, the theme for 2014 is pretty clear—if you can learn to pause, observe your attachments and let go, you will have a better chance of avoiding the reactive roles in the Dreaded Drama Triangle (DDT)™.   Once you can pause and observe, you can choose the far more resourceful roles of Creator, Challenger and Coach that make up TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic)™.   We look forward to continuing our weekly essays in 2015 and, together with your feedback and insights, share helpful and positive responses to life’s challenges.

  1. Let Go or Be Dragged
    We have a friend who complained about his stock market loses several years ago.  He focuses on his dream of a larger retirement check, rather than the comfortable retirement he now has.  Another acquaintance recently shared plans for her perfect vacation, insisting that if she didn’t get a hotel room overlooking the ocean, her vacation would be ruined. We too find ourselves attached to our ideas about what we want. (more)
  2. The Power of the Pause
    We recently heard a statement that helped describe the magnitude of cultural change we often feel.   During a radio interview, a person made this observation:  “It took 200 years for the labor movement to achieve a 40 hour work-week and it took only 5 years for the smart phone to destroy it.” (more)
  3. Exaggerated Sense of Responsibility
    Donna shares a story about one morning – years ago as a full-time working mom and wife with 3 children – when she woke up and realized she wasn’t responsible for the sun rising that morning. (more)


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