This poem was written in Torrey Pines Park in Southern California, a place of inspiration that was a precursor to The Power of TED*.  The title of the poem has a dual meaning: Torrey Pine is a tree and the word pine as means “yearning.”  Hope you enjoy!

Torrey Pine

 High among the Torrey Pines

            a pelican glides by at eye level

            and joins me in looking down the jagged cliffs

            at the shore and the surf and the

            fathomless expanse of the sea – and life.


Occupying for a brief span of time

            this vantaged view,

            I too ask: why – and for what – do I come here?


Here.  Torrey Pines.  California.  Planet Earth.  This Life.


Am I not like that wave?

 Emerging individualized from the Allness of the Sea,

            coming ashore to make my contribution

            before disappearing into the Oneness.


I am only one wave among the countless,

            continuous collectivity that undulates

            eternally up and down the interface

            between earth and sea and sky.


Yet each wave fulfills its purpose.

Carrying with it an exchange between the Oneness

            and the firmament;

Conveying in its caress nutrients, positive ions, life,

            beauty and soothing sound.


What is that which I am Called to contribute

            in this brief emergence – what does my

           caress of life carry in its wake?


Perhaps a thought or an insight or an inspiration,

            like a poet’s reverie evoked by

            one wave of experience.


This I know: one life lived more consciously and serenely

            is enough to make it matter

            that I follow the flow of my unfolding

            and expressing

            and giving.


 So, for this I came: to share of my experience

            as but one wave upon the shore

            of conscious evolution.


A wave leaves no lasting legacy, but the cycle of life

            would be incomplete without it.


And so am I

As are you

So are we

That wave.


                                     –          David  Emerald (©2009)  4-27-02

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