We offer online and in-person training programs for Organizations that create a practical way for all employees – regardless of position – to learn to relate and work together with less drama.

From Executive Leadership Teams to Human Resources and Coaches, our most common feedback is: “The TED* Work has changed who I am as a leader, and more importantly, has made an even more powerful impact on my personal relationships at home and with myself.”

If you are a certified professional coach, an internal coach, or a team leader who coaches and develops your team members our training for Coaches has been designed especially for you.

The 3 Vital Questions®
 online course provides an organizational context that makes the Power of TED* frameworks and processes actionable and easy to apply in everyday situations and creates cultures of empowerment that produces results.

Interested in finding a TED* expert to help yourself, your team, or your organization overcome drama and shift into a more empowered way of living and working together? Search our list of our Approved TED* Practitioners.

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TED* is an elegant framework which allows people to move beyond unproductive drama in their workplace and personal relationships. David and Donna are masterful in the presentation and facilitation of the material, making it accessible, relevant and practical for all.”

– Paul Wyman; Director, PeopleDevelopment Children’s Hospital Colorado

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