Last week I had the privilege and pleasure of co-facilitating the annual Train-the-Trainer program for The Leadership Circle (TLC).  As mentioned in previous posts, The Power of TED* is built on the foundation of the TLC work.

At the center of this work is the distinction between two life stances: the Problem-Reactive and the Outcome-Creative.  In TED*, we refer to these stances as orientations and label the first the Victim Orientation and the latter as a Creator Orientation.

The Problem-Reactive (Victim) stance and orientation is problem-focused; anxiety/fear motivated; and reactive in nature.  The Outcome-Creative (Creator) is vision-focused; passion-powered and takes baby-actions in manifesting outcomes.

I always learn from participants in this week-long, intensive program – and last week was no exception.  As part of the experience, they present the core models of TLC work, including the two orientations.

A couple new distinctions between the life stances were made:

  • The Problem/Victim Orientation “happens to me” and, when focused on problems, we ask: “What does it (the problem) want from me?”
  • The Outcome/Creator Orientation “happens from me” and calls forth the question: “What do I/we want (to create)?”

What we experience in our personal and professional lives is SO different, depending on the stance we take and what we orient ourselves upon.