Next Tuesday is Election Day here in the U.S.  This campaign season has been especially rancorous, with lots of blaming, “spinning,” and a full-court-press of politics and the Dreaded Drama Triangle (which was the subject of an earlier TED* Thoughts entry).  Regardless of where one lives, there is a seemingly constant barrage of ads that are clearly couched in the terms of the Victim, Persecutor and Rescuer.

Voting is the life-blood of any democracy.  And it is an act of adding one’s voice to what we are creating in our communities, society and world.

However, how one determines who or what they vote for can be either from a Victim Orientation or a Creator Orientation.  Victims vote based on who/what they don’t want or don’t likeCreators vote for whom/what they do want or what they would like to see happen.

So go out and vote (or, as we do in Washington State, send in your ballot).  But please make your voting an act of creating and make sure that whomever you vote for – or whatever issue you vote on – that your focus and energy is on what you want to see created.