“What determines our destiny is not the hand we’re dealt, but how we play the hand.  And the way to play the hand is to see reality for what it is and to act accordingly.”

This quote has been attributed to Jack Welch in one of his letters to shareholders in a GE annual report.  Regardless of one’s opinion of Mr. Welch and GE, these words of wisdom point to a key ingredient in the harnessing of Dynamic Tension.

This week’s blogs have all been related to Dynamic Tension (not that it was planned, it just seems to be “what’s up” this week).  Monday was about taking “baby steps” and Wednesday focused on Dynamic Tension as a tool to use in facilitating effective meetings.

Before identifying and taking “baby step” action, you must discern current reality in order to determine the most effective steps to take toward creating your envisioned outcome. Telling the truth about current reality is a crucial discipline for a Creator.  This assessment needs to be honest and objective – it thwarts the creative process to deny, minimize, or in any way explain away current reality.

After defining the envisioned outcome, consider as completely as possible those factors in your current situation that support and are helpful AND those factors that inhibit creating what you want.  BOTH are important to weigh.

Aspects of the current situation may include observable behavior of self and others; objective facts (time, money, age, education, resources, etc.); and feelings (not labeled as good or bad, just what they are).  Take the time to do a thorough, balanced assessment.

As you hold the tension between your vision and current reality, the baby steps actions almost always become apparent – and those steps are “how to play the hand.”


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