The key difference between living life from a Victim Orientation and adopting a Creator Orientation is where we put our focus. The former is problem-dominated and has attention firmed focused on what we don’t want.  Living as a Creator, our primary focus is on what we do want – our envisioned outcomes and choices.

That is the point of the following poem, which I shared in closing the “TED* Foundations” workshop last week at Boulder Integral:


Your Canvas

The day stretches before you like a canvas.

Your choices are the brushes –

some small, like what to wear

others broad; where to put your focus.

Actions taken become the strokes,

some elegant, others abrupt,

on closer examination, a few barely visible.

Colored by emotions, that human quality

which adds life to the expression.

The art is in discerning the

picture of life being painted and

the effects of the strokes,

the impact of the brushes.

Do you like what you see as you step back and reflect?

Each day a new canvas stretches on the frame

a fresh image awaiting your artistry.

– David Emerald Womeldorff

© 2002 – All Rights Reserved


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