Think about it.  Is there anything that you can create which does not, in some way involve another?  As I write this, I might have an original thought but conveying it has required me to learn to speak and write coherently from family, teachers, friends, the media, etc.  In addition, I am writing on my laptop, surely build overseas somewhere, using software that was coded in such a way to make the keys I press produce the letters I desire to convey the message.

Every act of creation is an act of collaboration.

Breakfast just arrived in my hotel room.  I am grateful for the farmers who raised the food, all those in the system that brought it through the market to this hotel, to the cooks who prepared it and brewed the coffee; to the craftspeople who created the plates and cups and silverware; and to the friendly porter who brought it to my door.

As you go throughout your day, stay aware of all those with whom you are collaborating – seen and unseen; near and distant; present or over time.


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