Happy New Year – and Decade!

Like a lot of us, in the past few days, at the dawn of the New Year and Decade, my wife and I spent time reflecting and setting intentions.  In looking back over past New Years journal entries, I came across one that contained an insight worthy of remembering: you cannot fail.

We had just had a conversation about the setting of intentions.  In looking back over the previous year, we realized that we could place each of that year’s intentions into one of two categories: looking good intentions and learning intentions.

Looking good intentions are those in which we gauge success by how we look to others through our accomplishments, recognitions, and (often) being right or the hero/Rescuer.  Learning intentions are those that involve focusing on learning and growth for those we love and serve and for ourselves.

Interestingly, none of the looking good intentions manifested in the ensuing year.  Those that did were all learning-focused!  Further, what we realized was that even if a learning intention does not fully manifest, it still results in… learning!  So, when we “fail” at a learning intention, we still gain (however uncomfortably).

In the end, when setting learning intentions, we cannot fail.

As you think about your intentions for the coming year, are they framed as “looking good” or “learning” intentions?

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